beholding (adj.) Old form(s): behoulding
beholden, obliged, indebted
H8 I.iv.41[Wolsey to Sands] I am beholding to you
H8 IV.i.21[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of a list of offices] had I not known those customs, / I should have been beholding to your paper
H8 V.iii.156[King Henry to Councillors, of Cranmer] if a prince / May be beholding to a subject
H8 V.v.70[King Henry to all] To you ... good brethren, I am much beholding
JC III.ii.66[Antony to Third Plebeian] For Brutus' sake, I am beholding to you
KJ I.i.239[Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge, of his father] To whom am I beholding for these limbs?
MM IV.iii.157[disguised Duke to Lucio] the Duke is marvellous little beholding to your reports
MV I.iii.102[Antonio to Shylock] shall we be beholding to you?
MW I.i.254[Slender to himself, of Shallow] A justice of peace sometime may be beholding to his friend for a man
Per II.v.25[Simonides to Pericles] I am beholding to you / For your sweet music this last night
R3 III.i.107[York to Richard, of Prince Edward] he is more beholding to you than I
TG IV.iv.170[Silvia to disguised Julia, of Julia] She is beholding to thee
TS I.ii.271[Hortensio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio] To whom we all rest generally beholding
TS II.i.78[Gremio to Baptista, of himself] that have been more kindly beholding to you than any