base (adj.)
low-lying, lowland
LLL I.ii.161[Armado alone] I do affect the very ground, which is base, where her shoe, which is baser, guided by her foot, which is basest, doth tread [first instance] [or: sense 3, 4]
LLL II.i.93[Princess to King] The roof of this court is too high to be yours, and welcome to the wide fields too base to be mine
LLL IV.iii.223[Berowne to King, of an Indian] Kisses the base ground with obedient breast
Luc.664[Lucrece to Tarquin] The cedar stoops not to the base shrub's foot
R2 II.iv.20[Salisbury alone, of King Richard] I see thy glory like a shooting star / Fall to the base earth
R2 III.iii.191[King Richard to Bolingbroke] you debase your princely knee / To make the base earth proud with kissing it
TG II.iv.157[Valentine to Proteus, of what Proteus' mistress might do] bear my lady's train, lest the base earth / Should from her vesture chance to steal a kiss
TNK II.i.197.1[Emilia to Woman, of what happens when the north wind blows a rose] She locks her beauties in her bud again, / And leaves him to base briars

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