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start (v.) Old form(s): startes
jump, recoil, flinch
1H4 II.iii.45[Lady Percy to Hotspur] Why dost thou ... start so often when thou sittest alone?
2H6 II.iv.35[Duchess to Gloucester] The ruthless flint doth cut my tender feet, / And when I start, the envious people laugh
2H6 IV.i.32[Whitmore to Suffolk] Why starts thou?
AW I.iii.137[Countess to Helena] What's in 'mother' / That you start at it?
H8 III.ii.113[Norfolk to King Henry, of Wolsey] he bites his lip, and starts
Luc.1639[Lucrece to Collatine] With this I did begin to start and cry
Mac I.iii.50[Banquo to Macbeth, on seeing the Witches] why do you start, and seem to fear
Mac V.ii.23[Menteth to all, of Macbeth] Who then shall blame / His pestered senses to recoil and start
MW V.v.86[Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all, of Falstaff being affected by flame] if he start, / It is the flesh of a corrupted heart
R3 II.i.82.1[stage direction] They all start
R3 III.v.7[Buckingham to Richard] I can ... / Tremble and start at wagging of a straw
RJ I.iv.86[Mercutio to Romeo, of Queen Mab visiting a soldier] then anon / Drums in his ear, at which he starts and wakes
Tem IV.i.139.3[stage direction] Prospero starts suddenly
WT V.iii.104[Paulina to Leontes] Start not