shallow (adj.)
naive, gullible, lacking in depth of character
2H4 II.iv.232[Falstaff to Doll, of Prince Henry] A good shallow young fellow
2H4 IV.ii.50[Prince John to Hastings] You are too shallow ... / To sound the bottom of the after-times
AW I.iii.42[Clown to Countess] Y'are shallow
LLL I.i.246[King reading Armado's letter to him, of Costard] That shallow vassal
LLL V.ii.305[Rosaline to Princess, of their visitors] Their shallow shows and prologue vilely penned
LLL V.ii.849[Rosaline to Berowne, of his mocking] Whose influence is begot of that loose grace / Which shallow laughing hearers give to fools
R3 II.ii.18[Duchess of York to Clarence's children] Incapable and shallow innocents
R3 IV.iv.431[King Richard alone, of Queen Elizabeth] shallow, changing woman!
R3 V.iii.220[King Richard to Ratcliffe] ten thousand soldiers ... led by shallow Richmond
Tem II.ii.141[Trinculo to Stephano, of Caliban] this is a very shallow monster