several (adj.) Old form(s): seuerall
various, sundry, respective, individual
1H4 III.i.151[Hotspur to Mortimer, of Glendower] reckoning up the several devils' names
2H4 IV.i.168[Archbishop to Westmorland, of the schedule] Each several article herein redressed
2H4 IV.ii.61[Prince John to Archbishop] Discharge your powers unto their several counties
AW I.ii.74[King to Bertram, of doctors] [they] have worn me out / With several applications
Cor I.i.183[Martius to Citizens] What's the matter / That in these several places of the city / You cry against the noble Senate
Cym[Queen to Cornelius, of his drugs] Their several virtues, and effects
H8 III.ii.125[King Henry to Norfolk, of what he found in Wolsey's papers] an inventory, thus importing / The several parcels of his plate
KL I.i.44[Lear to all] We have this hour a constant will to publish / Our daughters' several dowers
KL II.i.123[Regan to Gloucester] The several messengers / rom hence attend dispatch
LC.216[] each several stone, / With wit well blazoned
LLL IV.iii.234[Berowne to King] Of all complexions the culled sovereignty / Do meet as at a fair in her fair cheek, / Where several worthies make one dignity
LLL IV.iii.42.2[stage direction] Enter Longaville, with several papers
LLL V.ii.124[Boyet to Princess, of the King's party] every one his love-suit will advance / Unto his several mistress
Luc.a16[] ladies were all found dancing and revelling, or in several disports
MA V.iii.29[Claudio to attendants] Good morrow, masters: each his several way
Mac[Malcolm to all] We shall not spend a large expense of time / Before we reckon with your several loves
Per II.iii.109[Simonides to Servants] conduct / These knights unto their several lodgings
R2 I.iii.51[Bolingbroke to Lord Marshal] let us take a ... loving farewell of our several friends
R2 V.iii.139[King Henry to York] help to order several powers / To Oxford
R3 V.iii.25[Richmond to all] I'll ... / Limit each leader to his several charge
Tem III.i.42[Ferdinand to Miranda] For several virtues / Have I liked several women
Tem III.iii.19.2[stage direction] Enter several strange shapes, bringing in a banquet
Tem III.iii.89[Prospero to Ariel] with good life / And observation strange, my meaner ministers / Their several kinds have done [i.e. according to their different roles]
Tem V.i.232[Boatswain to Alonso] strange and several noises
Tim I.ii.220[Timon to all] I take all and your several visitations / So kind to heart
Tim[Lucullus to Lucius] I hope it is not so low with him as he made it seem in the trial of his several friends
WT IV.iv.186[Servant to Shepherd, of Autolycus] He sings several tunes faster than you'll tell money