stand (v.)
make a stand [against], fight, resist
1H4 V.iii.29[Hotspur to Douglas] Our soldiers stand full fairly for the day
1H6 I.i.123[Third Messenger to all, of Talbot] Hundreds he sent to hell, and none durst stand him
1H6 IV.v.17[John Talbot to Talbot] The world will say he is not Talbot's blood / That basely fled when noble Talbot stood
AW I.ii.15.1[King to First Lord, of his gentlemen going into army service] freely have they leave / To stand on either part
Cor III.i.245[Cominius to Coriolanus] manhood is called foolery when it stands / Against a falling fabric
Cor V.iii.74[Coriolanus to Young Martius] stick i'th'wars / Like a great sea-mark, standing every flaw
Cym I.iii.13[Cloten to Lords, of his opponent] The villain would not stand me
Cym V.iii.25[Posthumus to Lord, of the youths' words to the Britons] stand, / Or we are Romans
Cym V.iii.60[Posthumus to Lord] Who dares not stand his foe
E3[Charles to King John, of their soldiers] Some that would stand let drive at some that fly
JC III.i.89[Brutus to Metellus] Talk not of standing
KL II.ii.39[disguised Kent to Oswald] Stand, you neat slave!

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