battle (n.) Old form(s): Battaile, battailes , Battell
battle array, war formation, ranks of soldiers
2H4 III.ii.153[Falstaff to Feeble] Wilt thou make as many holes in an enemy's battle as thou hast done in a woman's petticoat?
3H6 V.iv.66[Oxford to all] Here pitch our battle
Cor[Martius to Cominius, of the Volsces] How lies their battle?
E3 II.i.186[King Edward to Lodowick] thou know'st not how to draw a battle
E3 III.i.97[King John to Bohemia] pitch your battles on the lower hand
E3 III.iii.137[Philip to King John] Father, range your battles
E3 III.iii.219[King Edward to all] thus our steeled battles shall be ranged
H5 IV.iii.2[Bedford to Gloucester, of the French] The King himself is rode to view their battle
H5 IV.iii.69[Salisbury to King Henry] The French are bravely in their battles set
R3 V.iii.293[King Richard to Norfolk] thus my battle shall be ordered
R3 V.iii.89[Derby to Richmond] Prepare thy battle early in the morning
Ven.619[Venus to Adonis, of a boar] On his bow-back he hath a battle set / Of bristly pikes

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