said, well Old form(s): sed, Wel
well done
1H4 V.iv.74[Falstaff to Prince Hal, of the fight with Hotspur] Well said, Hal!
2H4 III.ii.267[Falstaff to Wart] Well said, i'faith!
2H4 V.iii.9[Shallow to Davy] Spread, Davy, spread, Davy, well said, Davy
2H6 III.ii.8[Suffolk to Murderers, of their killing of Gloucester] that's well said
AC IV.iv.28[Antony to the soldiers] Come, give me that; this way; well said
AYL[Orlando to Adam] Well said!
H8 I.iv.30.2[Lord Chamberlain to Sands, of Sands' kissing Anne] Well said, my lord
Oth II.i.164[Iago to himself, of Cassio taking Desdemona's hand] Ay, well said
Oth IV.i.115[Othello to himself, as if to Iago] Go to, well said, well said!
Oth V.i.98.2[Iago to attendants] O, that's well said, the chair!
Per III.ii.86[Cerimon to Servants] Well said, well said, the fire and cloths
RJ I.v.86[Capulet to guests] Well said, my hearts!
Tit IV.iii.64.2[Titus to Lucius, of his archery] O, well said, Lucius!
Tit IV.iii.64.2well done