scurvy (adj.) Old form(s): scuruie , scuruy
contemptible, despicable, wretched
2H4 II.iv.266[Doll to Falstaff] I love thee better than I love e'er a scurvy young boy of them all
AW II.iii.234[Parolles alone, of Lafew] scurvy, old, filthy, scurvy lord!
AW V.iii.321[Lafew to Parolles] Let thy curtsies alone, they are scurvy ones
KL[Lear to all] like a scurvy politician seem / To see the things thou dost not
MM V.i.136[Lucio to Duke, of Friar Lodowick] A saucy friar, / A very scurvy fellow
MW I.iv.107[Caius to Simple] I will teach a scurvy jackanape priest to meddle or make
MW III.i.110[Evans to Caius] revenge on this same scald, scurvy, cogging companion, the host of the Garter
Oth I.ii.7[Iago to Othello, of Roderigo] he prated / And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms / Against your honour
Oth IV.ii.139[Emilia to Iago] The Moor's abused by ... some scurvy fellow
Oth IV.ii.193[Roderigo to Iago, of Iago's behaviour] I think it is scurvy
RJ II.iv.149[Nurse to Romeo, of Mercutio] Scurvy knave! I am none of his flirt-gills
TC V.iv.28[Thersites to Hector] I am a rascal, a scurvy railing knave
TC V.iv.3[Thersites alone, of Troilus] that same scurvy doting foolish young knave
Tem II.ii.152[Trinculo to Stephano, of Caliban] A most scurvy monster!
Tem II.ii.43[Stephano to himself] This is a very scurvy tune to sing at a man's funeral
Tem III.ii.63[Caliban to Trinculo] Thou scurvy patch!
TNK III.v.43[Second Countryman to all, of Cicely] that scurvy hilding, / That gave her promise

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