basely (adv.) Old form(s): baselie
dishonourably, shamefully, ignominiously
1H4 V.ii.82[Hotspur to all] the time of life is short! / To spend that shortness basely were too long / If life did ride upon a dial's point
1H6 IV.v.17[John Talbot to Talbot] The world will say he is not Talbot's blood / That basely fled when noble Talbot stood
AC IV.xv.55[Antony to Cleopatra] I ... do now not basely die
E3 III.iii.115[King John to King Edward] ere I basely will resign my crown
Luc.1068[Lucrece as if to Collatine, of herself] thou shalt know thy interest was not bought / Basely with gold
Luc.660[Lucrece to Tarquin, of his evils] So shall these slaves be king, and thou their slave; / Thou nobly base, they basely dignified
R2 II.i.241[Northumberland to Ross and Willoughby] The King is not himself, but basely led / By flatterers
R2 II.i.253[Northumberland to Ross and Willoughby, of King Richard] warred he hath not, / But basely yielded upon compromise
Tit IV.ii.38[Demetrius to Chiron and Aaron, of Titus] to see so great a lord / Basely insinuate and send us gifts
TNK[Arcite to Theseus, of Emilia's conditions] 'tis worse to me than begging / To take my life so basely
Ven.894[of Venus' senses] Like soldiers, when their captain once doth yield, / They basely fly

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