strain (n.) Old form(s): straine
quality, character, disposition
2H4 IV.v.171[Prince Henry to King Henry IV, of the crown] if it did ... swell my thoughts to any strain of pride [or: height]
Cym IV.ii.24.2[Belarius to himself, of Arviragus] O noble strain! [or: ancestry]
H5 II.iv.51[French King to all, of King Henry] he is bred out of that bloody strain / That haunted us in our familiar paths
JC V.i.59[Brutus to Octavius] if thou wert the noblest of thy strain
KL V.iii.41[Albany to Edmund] you have showed today your valiant strain [or: ancestry]
MA II.i.351[Don Pedro to all, of Benedick] he is of a noble strain [or: lineage]
MW II.i.82[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of Falstaff] unless he know some strain in me that I know not myself, he would never have boarded me in this fury
MW III.iii.174[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of Falstaff] I would all of the same strain were in the same distress
TC II.ii.155[Paris to all, of giving up Helen] Can it be / That so degenerate a strain as this / Should once set footing in your generous bosoms?
Tim I.i.254[Apemantus to all] The strain of man's bred out / Into baboon and monkey
Tim IV.iii.214[Apemantus to Timon, of an imaginary patron] Praise his most vicious strain / And call it excellent