beastly (adv.)
like an animal, in a beastly manner
AC I.v.50.1[Alexas to Cleopatra, of Antony's horse] what I would have spoke / Was beastly dumbed by him
Cym V.iii.27[Posthumus to Lord, of the youths' words to the Britons] we ... will give you that / Like beasts which you shun beastly
TC V.x.5[Troilus to all, of Hector's body] at the murderer's horse's tail, / In beastly sort, dragged through the shameful field
TNK III.iii.6[Arcite to Palamon] You shall not die thus beastly
TS IV.ii.34[Tranio as Lucentio to Hortensio, of Bianca and Lucentio as Cambio] See how beastly she doth court him

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