stand upon (v.) Old form(s): vpon
make an issue of, insist upon, bother about
1H6 II.iv.28[Richard to all] Let him that is a true-born gentleman / And stands upon the honour of his birth
2H4 I.ii.36[Falstaff to Page, of his tailor] A rascally yea-forsooth knave, to bear a gentleman in hand, and then stand upon security
2H4 IV.i.163[Hastings to Westmorland] Hath the Prince John a full commission ... / To hear and absolutely to determine / Of what conditions we shall stand upon?
AC II.i.50[Pompey to Menas] It only stands / Our lives upon to use our strongest hands [ is a matter of life and death]
Cor II.ii.148.2[Menenius to Coriolanus] Do not stand upon't
JC III.i.100[Brutus to all, of dying] 'tis but the time / And drawing days out, that men stand upon
MND V.i.118[Theseus to all, of Quince] This fellow doth not stand upon points
MW II.ii.19[Falstaff to Pistol] You stand upon your honour!
Tit II.iii.124[Demetrius to Tamora, of Lavinia] This minion stood upon her chastity
WT IV.iv.166[Clown to all] we stand upon our manners