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substance (n.)
real thing, genuine article
1H6 II.iii.37[Countess to Talbot, of keeping him prisoner, like his picture] now the substance shall ensure the like
1H6 II.iii.48[Countess to Talbot] Then have I substance too
1H6 V.iv.135[Alen??on to Winchester, of Charles] Must he ... in substance and authority, / Retain but privilege of a private man? [i.e. in actual power]
2H6 I.i.13[Suffolk to King] [I] Deliver up my title in the Queen / To your most gracious hands, that are the substance / Of that great shadow I did represent
MV III.ii.129[Bassanio to all, of Portia's portrait] this shadow / Doth limp behind the substance
MW II.ii.201[Ford as Brook to Falstaff] 'Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues [also: wealth]
TG IV.ii.120[Proteus to Silvia] since the substance of your perfect self / Is else devoted, I am but a shadow [i.e. devoted to someone else]
TG IV.iv.198[disguised Julia alone, of Silvia's portrait] My substance should be statue in thy stead