society (n.) Old form(s): societie
companionship, fellowship, association
2H4 V.i.63[Falstaff alone, of Shallow and his servingmen] Their spirits are so married in conjunction, with the participation of society, that they flock together in consent
AYL III.ii.249[Orlando to Jaques] I thank you too for your society
AYL V.i.47[Touchstone to William] the society - which in the boorish is 'company'
Cym IV.ii.12[Innogen to all] Society is no comfort / To one not sociable
LLL IV.ii.157[Holofernes to Nathaniel, of dining] I beseech your society
LLL IV.iii.126[Longaville to Dumaine] thy love is far from charity, / That in love's grief desirest society
LLL IV.iii.51[Berowne to himself, as if to Longaville] Thou makest the triumviry, the corner-cap of society
Mac III.i.42[Macbeth to all] To make society the sweeter welcome, / We will keep ourself till supper-time alone
MW III.iv.8[Fenton to Anne, of Page] other bars he lays before me - ... my wild societies
RJ IV.i.14[Paris to Friar, of Juliet's sorrow] Which, too much minded by herself alone, / May be put from her by society

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