scorn (n.) Old form(s): scorne , scornes
mockery, taunt, insult, act of derision
1H6 II.iv.77[Suffolk to Richard] Turn not thy scorns this way
1H6[John Talbot to Talbot] like me to the peasant boys of France, / To be shame's scorn and subject of mischance
Ham III.i.70[Hamlet to himself] who would bear the whips and scorns of time
LLL V.ii.854[Rosaline to Berowne] if sickly ears ... / Will hear your idle scorns
Oth IV.i.82[Iago to Othello, of Cassio] mark the fleers, the gibes, and notable scorns / That dwell in every region of his face
TC IV.v.30[Ulysses to himself] O deadly gall, and theme of all our scorns

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