stout (adj.)
brave, valiant, resolute
1H4 V.iv.92[Prince Hal to dead Hotspur] This earth that bears thee dead / Bears not alive so stout a gentleman
1H6 I.i.106[Third Messenger to nobles] I must inform you of a dismal fight / Betwixt the stout Lord Talbot and the French
1H6 III.iv.19[King to and of Talbot] A stouter champion never handled sword
1H6 V.ii.2[Charles to all] 'Tis said the stout Parisians do revolt
2H6 IV.ix.26[Messenger to King] a mighty power / Of gallowglasses and stout kerns / Is marching hitherward in proud array
3H6 IV.ii.19[Warwick to George] Ulysses and stout Diomede ... stole to Rhesus' tents
3H6 IV.vii.30[Richard to Edward, of the Lord Mayor] A wise stout captain
H8 IV.ii.12[Griffith to Katherine, of Wolsey] the stout Earl Northumberland / Arrested him at York
R3 I.iii.339[Richard to Murderers] my hardy, stout, resolved mates!
TNK IV.ii.77[Messenger to Theseus, of one of Arcite's knights] He ... by his seeming / Should be a stout man