stay (v.) Old form(s): staid, staies , stay'd, Stayes
stop, halt, come to a standstill
2H4 IV.iii.71[Westmorland to Prince John] Retreat is made and execution stayed
2H6 II.iv.76[Sheriff to Gloucester] here my commission stays
AYL II.i.54[First Lord to Duke Senior, of a deer] a careless herd ... never stays to greet him
AYL III.ii.319[Orlando to Rosalind as Ganymede, of Time] Who stays it still withal?
KJ III.i.78[King Philip to Constance] the glorious sun / Stays in his course
Luc.1364[of Lucrece] she her plaints a little while doth stay
Oth II.i.150[Iago to Desdemona, of a deserving woman] She that being angered, her revenge being nigh, / Bade her wrong stay
RJ IV.iii.57[Juliet alone, to her vision of dead Tybalt] Stay, Tybalt, stay!
TNK IV.i.101[Wooer to all, of the Gaoler's Daughter] she stayed, / And fell, scarce to be got away