salute (v.)
greet, welcome, address
2H6 I.i.29[Queen to King] The mutual conference that my mind hath had ... / Makes me the bolder to salute my king / With ruder terms
AYL III.ii.46[Corin to Touchstone] You told me you salute not at the court
CE IV.iii.1[Antipholus of Syracuse alone] There's not a man I meet but doth salute me
KJ II.i.30[Austria to Arthur, of England] till that utmost corner of the west / Salute thee for her king
Per II.iv.27[First Lord to Helicanus, of Pericles] if the prince do live, let us salute him
R2 III.ii.6[King Richard to the earth] Dear earth, I do salute thee with my hand
TC IV.ii.59[Aeneas to Troilus] I scarce have leisure to salute you, / My matter is so rash
TNK II.iii.23[Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] He bows his noble body, then salutes me

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