strange (adj.)
remarkable, startling, abnormal, unnatural
AC V.ii.98[Cleopatra to Dolabella] Nature wants stuff / To vie strange forms with fancy
Cym[Cornelius to himself, of the Queen] She doth think she has / Strange ling'ring poisons
H8 I.iii.2.1[Lord Chamberlain to Sands] Is't possible the spells of France should juggle / Men into such strange mysteries
Ham I.i.69[Horatio to Marcellus and Barnardo, of the ghostly vision] This bodes some strange eruption to our state
Ham I.v.28[Ghost to Hamlet, of the murder] most foul, strange, and unnatural
KL II.i.76.2[Gloucester to Edmund, of Edgar] O strange and fastened villain!
MM III.i.24[disguised Duke to Claudio] thy complexion shifts to strange effects, / After the moon
MV IV.i.21[Duke to Shylock] Thou'lt show thy mercy and remorse more strange / Than is thy strange apparent cruelty [second instance]
Tem V.i.228[Alonso to all, of the happenings] They strengthen / From strange to stranger
TS induction.1.41[Second Huntsman to Lord, of transforming Sly] It would seem strange unto him when he waked