stand (v.)
stop, halt
1H4 II.ii.80[Thieves to Travellers] Stand!
Cor[Second Lord to Aufidius] Stand, Aufidius, / And trouble not the peace
Cym V.iii.88[First Captain to Posthumus] Stand! who's there?
E3 II.i.346[King Edward to Warwick] I will not stand to hear thee make reply
Ham I.i.142.1[Horatio to Marcellus, of striking at the Ghost] Do, if it will not stand
MA III.iii.25[Dogberry to Second Watchman] you are to bid any man stand, in the Prince's name
TC[Ajax to Diomedes, of Troilus] I'll fight with him alone; stand, Diomed
TG IV.i.3[Third Outlaw to Valentine] Stand, sir, and throw us that you have about ye

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