senseless (adj.) Old form(s): sencelesse , senselesse , senslesse
lacking human sensation, incapable of feeling
2H6 IV.i.77[Lieutenant to Suffolk] thou ... / Against the senseless winds shalt grin in vain
AYL II.vii.55[Jaques to Duke Senior] seem senseless of the bob
Cor I.iv.55[Lartius to First Soldier, of Martius] O noble fellow! / Who sensibly outdares his senseless sword
Cym I.iv.7[Innogen to Pisanio, of Posthumus' handkerchief] Senseless linen
Cym III.ii.20[Pisanio alone, of the letter] Senseless bauble
Ham II.ii.472[First Player to all] senseless Ilium
Ham V.ii.363[Ambassador to all] The ears are senseless that should give us hearing
JC I.i.35[Marullus to the people] You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things! [also: lacking in sense]
Luc.1564[of Lucrece and a painting of Sinon] She tears the senseless Sinon with her nails
Luc.820[Lucrece to herself] Let my good name, that senseless reputation, / For Collatine's dear love be kept unspotted [unclear meaning]
PP.20.21[of a nightingale] Senseless trees they cannot hear thee
R2 III.ii.23[King Richard to all] Mock not my senseless conjuration, lords [i.e. made to things incapable of perception]
R2 V.i.46[Richard to Queen Isabel] the senseless brands will sympathize / The heavy accent of thy moving tongue
RJ I.iv.36[Romeo to all] Let wantons light of heart / Tickle the senseless rushes with their heels
TG IV.iv.195[disguised Julia alone, as if to Silvia's portrait] thou senseless form
Ven.211[Venus to and of Adonis] cold and senseless stone

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