quicken (v.) Old form(s): Quicken'd , quickned
revive, rejuvenate, give life [to]
1H6 IV.vi.13[Talbot to John Talbot] leaden age, / Quickened with youthful spleen and warlike rage
AC I.iii.69[Antony to Cleopatra] By the fire / That quickens Nilus' slime, I go from hence / Thy soldier-servant [i.e. fertilizes]
AC IV.xv.39[Cleopatra to Antony] Quicken with kissing
AW II.i.74[Lafew to King] I have seen a medicine ... / Quicken a rock
H5 IV.i.20[King Henry to Erpingham] when the mind is quickened, out of doubt / The organs ... newly move
KL III.vii.39[Gloucester to Regan] These hairs which thou dost ravish from my chin / Will quicken and accuse thee
MV II.viii.52[Solanio to Salerio, of Antonio] let us ... quicken his embraced heaviness / With some delight or other
R3 IV.iv.124[Queen Elizabeth to Queen Margaret] My words are dull. O, quicken them with thine!
R3 IV.iv.297[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] If I have killed the issue of your womb, / To quicken your increase I will beget / Mine issue of your blood upon your daughter
Tem III.i.6[Ferdinand alone] The mistress whch I serve quickens what's dead
TS I.i.36[Tranio to Lucentio] Music and poesy use to quicken you