bane (n.) Old form(s): baine
ruin, woe, destruction
2H6 V.i.120[York to Queen] The sons of York ... / Shall be their father's bail, and bane to those / That for my surety will refuse the boys
Cym V.iii.58[Posthumus to Lord] Two boys, an old man twice a boy ... was the Romans' bane
Mac V.iii.59[Macbeth to Doctor] I will not be afraid of death and bane / Till Birnan forest come to Dunsinane
TC IV.ii.92[Pandarus to Cressida, of Troilus' reaction to her being exchanged] 'twill be his bane, he cannot bear it
Tit V.iii.72[Marcus to all, of the need for unity] Lest Rome herself be bane unto herself [also: sense 3]
Ven.372[Venus to Adonis] nothing but my body's bane would cure thee

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