bandy (v.) Old form(s): bandie
exchange, swap, send to and fro
3H6 I.iv.49[Clifford to York] I will not bandy with thee word for word
AYL V.i.54[Touchstone to William] I will bandy with thee in faction [i.e. compete]
KL I.iv.83[Lear to Oswald] Do you bandy looks with me
KL II.iv.170[Lear to Regan] 'Tis not in thee ... / To bandy hasty words
LLL V.ii.29[Princess to Rosaline and Katharine, of their repartee] Well bandied both!
TS V.ii.171[Katherina to Widow and Bianca] To bandy word for word and frown for frown

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