pike, pick (n.)
weapon with a long handle ending in a spearhead
2H4 II.iv.50[Falstaff to Doll, of a soldier] to come off the breach, with his pike bent bravely
3H6 I.i.244[Queen to King] The soldiers should have tossed me on their pikes
Cor V.vi.152[Aufidius to all] Trail your steel pikes
Cym IV.ii.399[Lucius to all] our pikes and partisans
Cym V.iii.39[Posthumus to Lord] the pikes o'th' hunters
E3 III.ii.61[Third Frenchman to all, of the citizens] Fall numberless upon the soldiers' pikes
E3 IV.iv.25[Audley to Prince] gilded upright pikes
E3 V.i.137[Salisburyto King Edward] twice as many pikes in quadrant wise
H5 III.iii.38[King Henry to Governor] Your naked infants spitted upon pikes
H5 IV.i.40[Pistol to King Henry] Trail'st thou the puissant pike?
Tem II.i.164[Gonzalo to all] Sword, pike, knife, gun
Ven.620[of the boar] bristly pikes that ever threat his foe