postern (n.) Old form(s): Posterne , Posternes
entrance, side gate, back door
MM IV.ii.86[disguised Duke alone, of knocking] That wounds th'unsisting postern with these strokes
R2 V.v.17[Richard alone] It is as hard to come as for a camel / To thread the postern of a small needle's eye
TG V.i.9[Silvia to Eglamour] Out at the postern by the abbey wall
WT I.ii.438[Camillo to Polixenes, of Polixenes' followers] by twos and threes, at several posterns, / Clear them o'th' city
WT I.ii.464[Camillo to Polixenes] It is in mine authority to command / The keys of all the posterns
WT II.i.52[Leontes to Lord] How came the posterns / So easily open?

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