post (n.) Old form(s): poast, poste , Postes
express messenger, courier
1H4 I.i.37[Westmorland to King Henry] yesternight ... there came / A post from Wales
2H4 I.i.214[Northumberland to all] Get posts and letters, and make friends with speed
2H4 II.iv.351[Peto to Prince Henry] twenty weak and wearied posts / Come from the north
2H4 induction.37[Rumour alone] The posts come tiring on
2H6 I.iv.76[Buckingham to York] Your grace shall give me leave ... / To be the post
3H6 II.i.109[Warwick to Edward and Richard] Tidings, as swiftly as the posts could run, / Were brought me
3H6 III.iii.162[stage direction] Post blowing a horn within
3H6 V.i.1[Warwick to First Messenger] Where is the post that came from valiant Oxford?
AC I.v.61[Cleopatra to Alexas] Met'st thou my posts?
Cor[First Conspirator to Aufidius] Your native town you entered like a post
H8 V.ii.31[King Henry to Butts, of Cranmer] at the door too, like a post with packets
KL II.iv.29[disguised Kent to Lear] came ... a reeking post, / Stewed in his haste
KL III.vii.11[Cornwall to Edmund] Our posts shall be swift [F; Q post]
KL[disguised Edgar to dead Oswald] the post unsanctified / Of murderous lechers
Luc.1333[of Lucrece and her letter] The post attends, and she delivers it
Luc.926[Lucrece to and of time] Swift subtle post, carrier of grisly care
MA II.i.183[Benedick to Claudio] 'twas the boy that stole your meat, and you'll beat the post
Mac I.iii.97[Ross to Macbeth] As thick as hail / Came post with post
MV II.ix.100[Portia to Nerissa, of Bassanio's messenger] I long to see / Quick Cupid's post that comes so mannerly
MV V.i.46[Launcelot to Lorenzo] there's a post come from my master
R2 II.ii.103[York to Servingman] are there no posts dispatched for Ireland?
RJ V.i.21[Balthasar to Romeo, of Juliet] I saw her laid low in her kindred's vault / And presently took post to tell it you
Tem II.i.252[Antonio to Sebastian, of Claribel, Queen of Tunis] she that from Naples / Can have no note, unless the sun were post [i.e. because Tunis is so far away]
TG I.i.150[Proteus alone, of Speed] such a worthless post [also: blockhead]
Tit IV.iii.77[Titus to Marcus] the post is come
TN I.v.273[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] I am no fee'd post
WT II.iii.192.2[Servant to Leontes] posts / From those you sent to th'oracle are come / An hour since

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