puissant (adj.) Old form(s): puisant
powerful, mighty, strong
2H6 IV.ix.25[Messenger to King, of the Duke of York] with a puissant and a mighty power
3H6 II.i.206[Messenger to Warwick] The Queen is coming with a puissant host
3H6 V.i.6[Second Messenger to Warwick, of Montague's whereabouts] By this at Daintry, with a puissant troop
3H6 V.ii.31[Somerset to Warwick] The Queen from France hath brought a puissant power
E3 III.i.54[King John to all] At sea we are as puissant as the force / Of Agamemnon
E3 IV.iv.63[Prince Edward to Audley, of King John] that same king / Hath but the puissant legion of one king
E3 IV.vi.38[Philip to King John, of Prince Edward and his men] Some twenty naked starvelings with small flints / Hath driven back a puissant host of men
H5 I.ii.116[Ely to King Henry, of his predecessors] with your puissant arm renew their feats
H5 IV.i.40[Pistol to disguised King Henry] Trail'st thou the puissant pike? [i.e. are you in the infantry?]
JC III.i.33[Metellus to Caesar] Most high, most mighty, and most puissant Caesar
KL V.iii.214[Edgar to Albany, of Kent] His grief grew puissant
R3 IV.iv.434[Ratcliffe to King Richard] on the western coast / Rideth a puissant navy