part (v.)
depart [from], leave, quit
AC I.ii.180[Antony to Enobarbus] I shall break / The cause of our expedience to the Queen / And get her leave to part
AC III.ii.1[Agrippa to Enobarbus, of Antony and Caesar] are the brothers parted?
AYL II.i.51[First Lord to Duke Senior, quoting Jaques] thus misery doth part / The flux of company
AYL III.ii.216[Rosalind to Celia, of Orlando] How parted he with thee?
CE III.i.67[Balthasar to Antipholus of Ephesus, of cheer and welcome] we shall part with neither
CE V.i.221[Antipholus of Ephesus to Duke, of Angelo] Who parted with me to go fetch a chain
Cym III.vii.24[disguised Innogen to all, of her meal] I would have ... parted / With pray'rs for the provider
H8 IV.i.92[Third Gentleman to First and Second Gentlemen, of Queen Anne] So she parted
Mac[Seyward to Malcolm of Young Seyward] They say he parted well, and paid his score
MV II.vii.77[Morocco to Portia] Thus losers part
Per V.iii.38[Thaisa to Pericles] When we with tears parted Pentapolis
R2 III.i.3[Bolingbroke to Bushy and Green] your souls must part your bodies
R2 V.i.70[Northumberland to Richard and Queen Isabel] you must part forthwith
RJ III.iii.174[Romeo to Friar] It were a grief so brief to part with thee
TC IV.v.285[Troilus to Ulysses] After we part from Agamemnon's tent
TC V.ii.46.1[Cressida to Diomedes] you part in anger
TG II.v.10[Speed to Launce, of Proteus] how did thy master part with Madam Julia?
TG IV.ii.78[disguised Julia to Host] the company parts
Tim IV.ii.21[Third Servant to Flavius] We must all part / Into this sea of air
TN I.iii.58[Sir Toby aside to Sir Andrew, of Maria] An thou let part so [i.e. if you let her go without ceremony]

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