passion (n.)
fit of anger, feeling of rage
2H4 IV.iv.40[King Henry IV to Clarence, of Prince Henry] being moody, give him time and scope, / Till that his passions ... / Confound themselves with working
CE V.i.151[Adriana to Duke, of Antipholus and Dromio] Each one with ireful passion
H5 I.ii.243[King Henry to Ambassador, of himself] a Christian king, / Unto whose grace our passion is ... subject [or: sense 1]
H8 I.i.149.1[Norfolk to Buckingham] If with the sap of reason you would quench / Or but allay the fire of passion
Mac III.iv.56[Lady Macbeth to all, of Macbeth] If much you note him, / You shall offend him and extend his passion
MND III.ii.74[Demetrius to Hermia] You spend your passion on a misprised mood
Oth II.iii.200[Othello to all] passion ... / Assays to lead the way
Tim III.i.56[Flaminius alone, of Timon] I feel my master's passion
TNK III.i.30.1[Arcite alone, as if to Palamon] What passion would enclose thee!
TNK III.i.31[Palamon to Arcite] Thou shouldst perceive my passion
TNK[Emilia to Theseus, of his oath] Not made in passion neither, but good heed
WT IV.iv.493[Florizel to Camillo, of Polixenes] cast your good counsels / Upon his passion

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