pain (n.) Old form(s): paine, paines , payne
effort, endeavour, exertion, labour
2H6 I.iv.43[York to Duchess] The King and commonweal / Are deeply indebted for this piece of pains
Cym III.iii.50[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus, of war] A pain that only seems to seek out danger
KL III.i.53[disguised Kent to Gentleman, of searching for Lear] in which your pain / That way [i.e. look in that direction]
Mac II.iii.47[Macbeth to Macduff] The labour we delight in physics pain
MND V.i.80[Philostrate to Theseus, of the rustics' play] conned with cruel pain
MV II.ii.172[Bassanio to Gratiano] Pray thee take pain / To allay ... / Thy skipping spirit
Per III.ii.24[First Gentleman to Cerimon] 'Tis most strange / Nature should be so conversant with pain
Per III.ii.45[Second Gentleman to Cerimon] Your personal pain ... / Hath built Lord Ceremon such strong renown
R3 I.iii.116[Richard to Queen Elizabeth] my pains are quite forgot
R3 IV.iv.303[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of her future grandchildren] of your very blood, / Of all one pain
R3 V.iii.259[Richmond to his soldiers] Your country's fat shall pay your pains the hire
TC III.iii.30.1[Calchas to all, of Cressida] her presence / Shall quite strike off all service I have done / In most accepted pain
Tem I.ii.242[Ariel to Prospero] Since thou dost give me pains, / Let me remember thee what thou hast promised
TNK prologue.8[of a new play after its first night] retains / More of the maid to sight than husband's pains [i.e. still remains virginal, fresh]
TS III.i.12[Lucentio as Cambio to Hortensio as Licio, of the purpose of music] to refresh the mind of man / After his studies or his usual pain
TS IV.iii.43[Petruchio to Katherina, of his having prepared a meal for her] all my pains is sorted to no proof