parle, parley (n.) Old form(s): parlie , parly
negotiation, meeting [between enemies under a truce, to discuss terms]
1H4 IV.iii.30.1[stage direction] The trumpet sounds a parley
1H6 III.iii.35[Pucelle to all, of Burgundy] Summon a parley; we will talk with him
1H6 V.iii.130[Suffolk to Margaret, of Reignier] We'll crave a parley to confer with him
2H4 IV.i.157[Mowbray to Westmorland] by my will we shall admit no parley
2H6 IV.viii.3[Cade to all] Dare any be so bold to sound retreat or parley, when I command them kill?
3H6 V.i.16[Edward to trumpeter] Go, trumpet, to the walls and sound a parle
Cor I.iv.13.1[stage direction] They sound a parley
H5 III.ii.131[Gower to all] The town sounds a parley
H5 III.iii.2[King Henry to all] This is the latest parle we will admit
Ham I.i.62[Horatio to Marcellus] in an angry parle
JC V.i.21[Brutus to his companions, of the army] They stand, and would have parley
KJ II.i.205[King Philip to Hubert] Our trumpet called you to this gentle parle
KJ II.i.226[King John to Hubert] the French, amazed, vouchsafe a parle
KJ V.i.68[Bastard to King John] Shall we ... make compromise, / Insinuation, parley, and base truce / To arms invasive?
Luc.471[of Tarquin] First like a trumpet doth his tongue begin / To sound a parley to his heartless foe
Mac II.iii.79[Lady Macbeth to all] What's the business, / That such a hideous trumpet calls to parley / The sleepers of the house?
Oth II.iii.21[Iago to Cassio, of Desdemona] What an eye she has! Methinks it sounds a parley to provocation
R2 I.i.192[Bolingbroke to Richard] Ere my tongue / Shall ... sound so base a parle
R2 III.iii.33[Bolingbroke to Northumberland] Go to the rude ribs of that ancient castle, / Through brazen trumpet send the breath of parley / Into his ruined ears
R2 III.iii.62.1[stage direction] The trumpets sound parley without
Tit IV.iv.101[Tamora to Aemilius] Say that the Emperor requests a parley / Of warlike Lucius
Tit V.i.159[Aemilius to Lucius, of Saturninus] He craves a parley at your father's house
Tit V.iii.19[Marcus to Saturninus and Lucius] Rome's emperor and nephew, break the parle
TNK III.iii.10[Arcite to Palamon] No more of these vain parleys
TS I.i.114[Hortensio to Gremio] the nature of our quarrel yet never brooked parle

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