pregnant (adj.)
well-disposed, ready, inclined, receptive
Ham III.ii.71[Hamlet to Horatio] crook the pregnant hinges of the knee
KL[disguised Edgar to Gloucester, of himself] Who, by the art of known and feeling sorrows, / Am pregnant to good pity [i.e. ready to feel pity for others]
Per Chorus.IV.44[Gower alone, of murdering Thaisa] cursed Dionyza hath / The pregnant instrument of wrath / Prest for this blow
TC IV.iv.87[Troilus to Cressida, of fair virtues] To which the Grecians are most prompt and pregnant
TN III.i.86[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] My matter hath no voice, lady, but to your own most pregnant and vouchsafed ear

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