practice (n.) Old form(s): practise , practises
scheme, plot, stratagem, intrigue
1H6 IV.i.7[Gloucester to Governor of Paris, of Henry] Esteem ... none your foes but such as shall pretend / Malicious practices against his state
2H6 III.i.46[Suffolk to Queen, of Gloucester] The Duchess by his subornation ... began her devilish practices
AYL II.iii.26[Adam to Orlando, of Oliver] I overheard him, and his practices
Cor IV.i.33.1[Coriolanus to Volumnia, of himself] be caught / With cautelous baits and practice
H5 II.ii.90[King Henry to all, of Cambridge] this man / Hath ... sworn unto the practices of France, / To kill us
H8 III.ii.29.1[Surrey to all, of Wolsey] How came / His practices to light?
H8 V.i.128[King Henry to Cranmer] Your enemies are many, and not small; their practices / Must bear the same proportion
Ham IV.vii.66[Claudius to Laertes, of Hamlet] even his mother shall uncharge the practice
Ham V.ii.311[Laertes to Hamlet] The foul practice / Hath turned itself on me
KJ IV.iii.63[Salisbury to Bastard, of Arthur's apparent murder] The practice, and the purpose, of the King
KL I.ii.178[Edmund alone, of Edgar] on whose foolish honesty / My practices ride easy
KL II.i.72[Edmund to Gloucester, as if Edgar to Edmund] thy suggestion, plot, and damned practice [F; Q pretence]
KL II.iv.110[Lear to Gloucester, of Regan and Cornwall] this remotion of the Duke and her / Is practice only [i.e. is merely a stratagem] [F; Q practise]
MM V.i.123[Duke to Isabella] This needs must be a practice
MM V.i.237.1[Angelo to Duke] Let me have way ... / To find this practice out
Oth III.iv.137[Desdemona to Emilia, of Othello] some unhatched practice ... / Hath puddled his clear spirit
PP.18.9[Pilgrim, advising a lover] Smooth not thy tongue with filed talk, / Lest she some subtle practice smell
Tit V.ii.77[Tamora to Chiron and Demetrius] I'll find some cunning practice out of hand / To scatter and disperse the giddy Goths
WT III.ii.165[Leontes to all, of Camillo and Polixenes] He ... to my kingly guest / Unclasped my practice

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