post (v.) Old form(s): poast, poasted , poasting , poste , postes
hasten, speed, ride fast
1H4 V.i.35[Worcester to King Henry] I ... posted day and night / To meet you on the way
1H6 V.v.87[King to Suffolk] post, my lord, to France
3H6 I.ii.55[York to all] My brother Montague shall post to London
3H6 II.v.128[Queen to King] towards Berwick post amain
CE III.ii.155[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] Post to the road
Cym V.v.192[Iachimo to Cymbeline] Away to Britain / Post I in this design
Cym V.v.283[Pisanio to Cymbeline, of Cloten] away he posts / With unchaste purpose
E3 IV.i.35[Salisbury to Villiers] take horse and post from hence
H8 III.ii.59[Suffolk to all] Campeius ... / Is posted as the agent of our Cardinal / To second all his plot
Ham I.ii.156[Hamlet alone, of his mother's marriage] O, most wicked speed, to post / With such dexterity to incestuous sheets
JC III.i.287[Antony to Servant, of Octavius] Post back with speed, and tell him what hath chanced
KJ V.vii.94[Salisbury to Bastard, of a meeting with Cardinal Pandulph] If you think meet, this afternoon will post / To consummate this business happily
KL III.vii.1[Cornwall to Gonerill] Post speedily to my lord your husband
KL IV.v.8[Regan to Oswald, of Edmund] he is posted hence on serious matter
LLL IV.iii.186[Berowne to King, of his attempted exit] I post from love
Luc.220[Tarquin to himself] If Collatinus dream of my intent, / Will he not ... / Post hither
Luc.a12[of Collatine and his companions] they all posted to Rome
PP.14.21[Pilgrim, of his love] The night so packed, I post unto my pretty
R2 I.i.56[Mowbray to King Richard, of speaking about Bolingbroke] Which else would post until it had returned / These terms of treason doubled down his throat
R2 III.iv.90[Gardener to Queen Isabel] Post you to London
R2 V.ii.113[Duchess of York to Aumerle, of York] Spur, post, and get before him to the King
R2 V.v.59[Richard alone] my time / Runs posting on in Bolingbroke's proud joy
R3 II.ii.142[Richard to all] go we to determine / Who they shall be that straight shall post to Ludlow
R3 III.ii.17[Messenger to Hastings, of Stanley] with all speed post with him toward the north
R3 IV.iv.440[King Richard to Ratcliffe] Some light-foot friend post to the Duke of Norfolk
TC I.iii.93[Ulysses to all, of the sun] posts like the commandment of a king, / Sans check, to good and bad
TG II.iii.32[Panthino to Launce] thou art to post after with oars
TNK I.iv.48[Theseus to all] we will post / To Athens

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