perforce (adv.)
forcibly, by force, violently
3H6 I.i.142[York to King, of Henry IV and Richard II] He rose against him, being his sovereign, / And made him to resign his crown perforce
3H6 I.i.34[Warwick to all] when the King comes, offer him no violence, / Unless he seek to thrust you out perforce
3H6 V.v.68[Edward to all, of the Queen] Away with her; go, bear her hence perforce
AYL I.ii.18[Celia to Rosalind, of Duke Frederick] what he hath taken away from thy father perforce
CE IV.iii.94[Courtesan alone, of Antipholus of Syracuse] He rushed into my house and took perforce / My ring away
CE V.i.117[Adriana to Luciana] [I will] take perforce my husband from the Abbess
KJ I.i.268[Bastard to Lady Faulconbridge] He that perforce robs lions of their hearts / May easily win a woman's
KL I.v.37[Lear to himself] To take't again perforce! [i.e. to resume his royal position]
MND II.i.26[Puck to Fairy, of Titania] But she perforce withholds the loved boy
R2 II.iii.120[Bolingbroke to York] my rights and royalties / Plucked from my arms perforce
R3 III.i.30[Hastings to Prince Edward] The tender Prince / Would fain have come with me to meet your grace, / But by his mother was perforce withheld
R3 III.i.36[Buckingham to Cardinal Bourchier, of the Queen and York] from her jealous arms pluck him perforce
RJ V.iii.238[Friar Laurence to the Capulets, of Juliet] You ... / Betrothed and would have married her perforce / To County Paris
Tit II.iii.134[Chiron to Lavinia] Come, mistress, now perforce we will enjoy / That nice-preserved honesty of yours