office (n.)
task, service, duty, responsibility
1H4 V.i.112[King Henry to Worcester] Rebuke and dread correction wait on us, / And they shall do their office
1H6 III.i.55[Somerset to Warwick, of Winchester] Methinks my lord should be religious, / And know the office that belongs to such
2H4 I.i.101[Northumberland to Morton] the first bringer of unwelcome news / Hath but a losing office
2H4 II.i.38[Hostess to Fang and Snare] Do your offices, do your offices
2H4 induction.28[Rumour alone] My office is / To noise abroad that Harry Monmouth fell
2H4 IV.iv.24[King Henry IV to Clarence] noble offices thou mayst effect / Of mediation
2H6 II.iv.102[Sheriff to Duchess, of his duty in escorting her] It is my office
2H6 III.ii.93[Queen to King] Aeolus would not be a murderer, / But left that dreadful office unto thee
3H6 I.iv.109[Clifford to Queen, of killing York] That is my office
3H6[Richard to King, of Daedalus] what a peevish fool was that of Crete, / That taught his son the office of a fowl!
AC I.i.5[Philo to Demetrius, of Antony] Those his goodly eyes ... now turn / The office and devotion of their view / Upon a tawny front
AC II.ii.216[Enobarbus to Agrippa and Maecenas, of those making the sails swell on Cleopatra's barge] those flower-soft hands, / That yarely frame the office
AC III.xii.10.2[Caesar to Ambassador] Declare thine office
AC[Soldier to Enobarbus] I must attend mine office
AW II.i.126[Helena to King] I will no more enforce mine office on you
AW II.v.60[Bertram to Helena] The ministration and required office / On my particular [i.e. my particular duties and responsibilities as a husband]
AW IV.iii.56[First Lord to Second Lord, of Helena's supposed death] which could not be her office to say is come
AW IV.iv.5[Helena to Diana and Widow, of the King] Time was, I did him a desired office, / Dear almost as his life
AW V.ii.48[Lafew to Parolles] Dost thou put upon me at once both the office of God and the devil
AW V.iii.303[King to all] Is there no exorcist / Beguiles the truer office of mine eyes
CE III.ii.2[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] And may it be that you have quite forgot / A husband's office?
CE V.i.99[Adriana to Abbess] I will attend my husband ... for it is my office
Cym I.vii.92[Iachimo to Innogen] It is an office of the gods to venge it
Cym III.iii.4[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] this gate ... bows you / To a morning's holy office [i.e. religious service]
Cym III.v.10[Cymbeline to Lords, of providing a safe conduct for Lucius] you are appointed for that office
E3 II.i.335[King Edward to Warwick] What office were it to suggest a man / To break a lawful and religious vow?
E3 II.i.348[Warwick alone] O doting King! O detestable office!
H5 II.ii.33[King Henry to Grey] We ... shall forget the office of our hand / Sooner than quittance of desert and merit
H5 V.ii.29[Burgundy to King Henry and the French King] my office hath so far prevailed / That face to face ... / You have congreeted
H8 I.i.198.1[Brandon to Sergeant] Your office, sergeant: execute it
H8 II.iv.190[King Henry to all] my lady's womb, / If it conceived a male child by me, should / Do no more offices of life to't than / The grave does to th'dead
H8 III.ii.144[Wolsey to King Henry] For holy offices I have a time
H8 IV.i.15[First Gentleman to Second Gentleman] the list / Of those that claim their offices this day, / By custom of the coronation
KJ V.ii.177[Bastard to Lewis the Dauphin, of death at King John's command] whose office is this day / To feast upon whole thousands of the French
KJ V.vii.71[Bastard to dead King John] I do but stay behind / To do the office for thee of revenge
KL II.i.105.1[Cornwall to Edmund] I hear that you have shown your father / A child-like office
KL II.iv.101[Lear to Gloucester] Infirmity doth still neglect all office / Whereto our health is bound [i.e. which we are bound to do when healthy]
KL II.iv.173[Lear to Regan] Thou better knowest / The offices of nature
KL III.i.42[disguised Kent to Gentleman] I ... from some knowledge and assurance offer / This office to you
KL V.iii.246[Edgar to Edmund] Who has the office?
Luc.936[] Time's office is to fine the hate of foes
MA II.i.347[Hero to Don Pedro] I will do any modest office
MA III.i.12[Hero to Margaret] This is thy office
MA IV.i.263[Beatrice to Benedick] It is a man's office
MA V.i.27[Leonato to Antonio] 'tis all men's office to speak patience / To those that wring under the load of sorrow
MA V.iv.14[Leonato to Antonio] You know your office, brother
Mac II.iii.133[Malcolm to Donalbain] To show an unfelt sorrow is an office / Which the false man does easy
Mac III.iii.3[Second Murderer to Third Murderer, of Macbeth] he delivers / Our offices and what we have to do
Mac IV.i.67[Witches to First Apparition] Come high or low, / Thyself and office deftly show
MM I.iii.40[Duke to Friar Thomas] I have on Angelo imposed the office
MM II.i.39[Escalus to Angelo] Some run from brakes of office [unclear meaning] [F brakes of Ice]
MM II.ii.13[Angelo to Provost] Do you your office, or give up your place
MM IV.ii.122[Provost to disguised Duke, reading Angelo's letter] fail not to do your office
MM V.i.375[Duke to Friar Peter, of marrying Angelo and Mariana] Do you the office
MM V.i.458[Duke to Provost] I do discharge you of your office
MND II.ii.8[Titania to Fairies] Sing me now asleep; / Then to your offices
MV II.ix.61[Portia to Arragon] To offend and judge are distinct offices, / And of opposed natures
MV IV.i.33[Duke to Shylock] stubborn Turks and Tartars never trained / To offices of tender courtesy
MW IV.ii.4[Falstaff to Mistress Ford, of repaying her] not only ... in the simple office of love, but in all the accoutrement, complement, and ceremony of it
MW V.v.40[Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all] Attend your office and your quality
Oth I.iii.382[Iago alone, of Othello] it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets / He's done my office [i.e. slept with my wife]
Oth III.iii.407[Iago to Othello, of proving Desdemona's disloyalty] I do not like the office
Oth III.iv.109[Cassio to Desdemona, of Othello] Whom I, with all the office of my heart, / Entirely honour
Per II.v.47[Pericles to Simonides, of Thaisa] [I] ... bent all offices to honour her
R2 I.iii.256[Bolingbroke to John of Gaunt] the tongue's office should be prodigal
R2 IV.i.177[York to Richard] To do that office of thine own good will
R2 IV.i.5[Bolingbroke to Bagot, of Gloucester's death] who performed / The bloody office of his timeless end
R3 III.v.10[Buckingham to Richard, of his means of pretence] both are ready in their offices, / At any time to grace my stratagems
R3 III.vii.118[Buckingham to Richard] you resign ... / The sceptred office of your ancestors ... / To the corruption of a blemished stock
R3 IV.i.25[Anne to Brakenbury] I'll ... take thy office from thee on my peril
RJ V.i.23[Balthasar to Romeo, of Juliet's death] pardon me for bringing these ill news, / Since you did leave it for my office
Sonn.101.13[] Then do thy office, Muse
Sonn.77.13[of the contemplative activities referred to] These offices, so oft as thou wilt look, / Shall profit thee
Tem I.i.37[Boatswain to Mariners, of the passengers] They are louder than the weather, or our office
Tem I.ii.312[Prospero to Miranda, of Caliban] He ... serves in offices / That profit us
Tem V.i.156[Prospero to Alonso, of the lords] they ... scarce think / Their eyes do offices of truth
TG III.ii.40[Proteus to Duke, of slandering Valentine] 'Tis an ill office for a gentleman
TG III.ii.44[Duke to Proteus] the office is indifferent
TN I.v.200[Olivia to Viola as Cesario] Speak your office [or: sense 4]
TN III.iv.248[Viola as Cesario to Sir Toby] do me this courteous office
TN III.iv.317[First Officer to Second Officer, of arresting Antonio] do thy office
TNK III.i.110.1[Arcite to Palamon, of the banquet] I have an office there
TNK III.ii.36[Gaoler's Daughter alone] All offices are done, / Save what I fail in [i.e. to help Palamon]
TNK V.i.150[Emilia praying to Diana] This is my last / Of vestal office
TS induction.1.71[Lord to Huntsmen, of Sly] each one to his office when he wakes
TS IV.i.28[Grumio to Curtis, of not lighting a fire] shall I complain on thee to our mistress, whose hand ... thou shalt soon feel, to thy cold comfort, for being slow in thy hot office?
TS V.ii.36[Hortensio to Petruchio, of putting his wife down] That's my office
WT II.ii.31[Paulina to Emilia, of telling Leontes about the new baby] The office / Becomes a woman best
WT IV.iv.568[Camillo to Florizel] your anchors, who / Do their best office if they can but stay you / Where you'll be loath to be
WT V.i.77[Paulina to Leontes] give me the office / To choose you a queen

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