office (n.)
role, position, place, function
1H4 V.i.34[Worcester to King Henry] For you my staff of office did I break
2H4 IV.v.130[King Henry IV to Prince Henry, of a foreign ruffian] England shall give him office
2H4 V.iii.115.2[Pistol to Shallow] A foutre for thine office!
2H4 V.iii.122[Falstaff to Shallow] choose what office thou wilt in the land
2H6 I.iii.133[Queen to Gloucester] Thy sale of offices and towns in France
AC II.iii.1[Antony to Octavia] The world and my great office will sometimes / Divide me from your bosom
AYL I.ii.39[Rosalind to Celia] thou goest from Fortune's office to Nature's
CE III.i.44[Dromio of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] thou hast stolen both mine office and my name
Cor II.i.214.2[Brutus to Sicinius, of Martius] our office may / During his power go sleep
Cor II.iii.121[Coriolanus alone, of following custom] Let the high office and the honour go / To one that would do thus
Cor III.i.35[Coriolanus to Brutus and Sicinius] What are your offices?
Cor III.iii.64[Sicinius to Coriolanus] We charge you that you have contrived to take / From Rome all seasoned office
Cym V.v.257[Cornelius to Innogen, of taking his drug] All offices of nature should again / Do their due functions
H5 II.i.81[Boy to Bardolph, of Falstaff] put thy face between his sheets, and do the office of a warming-pan
H5[Montjoy to King Henry, of what the French King hads said] So far my King and master; so much my office
H5[King Henry to Montjoy] Thou dost thy office fairly
H8 I.ii.16[Queen Katherine to King Henry] The dignity of your office
H8 I.ii.172[Queen Katherine to Surveyor] You were the Duke's surveyor, and lost your office / On the complaint o'th' tenants
H8 II.iv.115[Queen Katherine to Wolsey] your words, / Domestics to you, serve your will as't please / Yourself pronounce their office
H8 III.ii.156[King Henry to Wolsey] Since I had my office, / I have kept you next my heart
H8 V.iii.33[Cranmer to all] all the progress / Both of my life and office
JC IV.iii.11[Brutus to Cassius] you yourself / Are much condemned ... / To sell and mart your offices for gold / To undeservers [i.e. your positions of trust]
JC V.v.29[Volumnius to Brutus, of helping him commit suicide] That's not an office for a friend
KJ IV.i.118[Arthur to Hubert] All things that you should use to do me wrong / Deny their office
KL[Lear to all] a dog's obeyed in office
LLL IV.iii.308[Berowne to all] love ... gives to every power a double power, / Above their functions and their offices
LLL V.ii.350[Princess to King] virtue's office never breaks men's troth
Luc.1000[Lucrece as if to time, of Tarquin] who so base would such an office have / As slanderous deathsman to so base a slave?
Luc.628[Lucrece to Tarquin] Thy princely office how canst thou fulfil
MA III.iii.50[Dogberry to Second Watchman, of a thief] you may suspect him, by virtue of your office, to be no true man
Mac I.vii.18[Macbeth alone] this Duncan ... hath been / So clear in his great office
MM II.i.249[Escalus to Elbow] I thought, by your readiness in the office, you / had continued in it some time
MM IV.ii.113[Provost to disguised Duke] Lord Angelo, belike thinking me remiss in mine office, awakens me
MM IV.ii.9[Provost to Pompey] Here is in our prison a common executioner, who in his office lacks a helper
MV II.ix.41[Arragon to himself] O that estates, degrees, and offices / Were not derived corruptly
MV[Jessica to Lorenzo, of being a torchbearer] 'tis an office of discovery
Oth I.iii.118[Othello to Duke] The trust, the office I do hold of you
Oth II.iii.212[Montano to Iago] If partially affined or leagued in office [i.e. not prepared to testify against a fellow-officer]
Oth III.iii.372[Iago to Othello] take mine office
Oth IV.ii.131[Emilia to Iago] I will be hanged if ... / Some cogging, cozening slave, to get some office, / Have not devised this slander
Oth IV.ii.90[Othello to Emilia] You, mistress, / That have the office opposite to Saint Peter / And keep the gate of hell!
Per II.i.93[Second Fisherman to Pericles] if all your beggars were whipped, I would wish no better office than to be beadle
PP.14.16[Pilgrim] Not daring trust the office of mine eyes
R2 II.i.47[John of Gaunt to all, of the sea protecting England] Which serves it in the office of a wall
R2 II.iii.27[Percy to Northumberland, of Worcester] he hath ... / Broken his staff of office
RJ IV.v.85[Capulet to all] All things that we ordained festival / Turn from their office to black funeral
TC I.iii.231[Aeneas to all] Which is that god in office, guiding men?
TC I.iii.88[Ulysses to all, of the heavens] Observe ... proportion, season, form, / Office, and custom
TC[Ajax to Diomedes, of punishing Troilus] Were I the general, thou shouldst have my office / Ere that correction
Tem I.ii.84[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] having both the key / Of officer and office
TG I.ii.44[Julia to Lucetta, of her role in passing on Proteus' letter] 'tis an office of great worth
Tim I.ii.118[Servant to Timon, of a messenger from the ladies] which bears that office to signify their pleasures
Tim I.ii.200[Flavius to himself] would I were gently put out of office / ore I were forced out!
Tim IV.iii.238[Timon to Apemantus, of the latter vexing Timon] Always a villain's office or a fool's
TNK III.i.111[Palamon to Arcite] I know your office / Unjustly is achieved
TNK V.iii.35[Theseus to Emilia] Those that remain with you could wish their office / To any of their enemies
TS induction.2.33[Lord to Sly, of the servants] Each in his office ready at thy beck
Ven.1039[of Venus' eyes] they resign their office and their light / To the disposing of her troubled brain