orison (n.) Old form(s): orizons, Orysons
prayer, plea
3H6 I.iv.110[Queen to Clifford, of York] let's hear the orisons he makes
Cym I.iv.32[Innogen to Pisanio, of her wanting to tell Posthumus] T'encounter me with orisons
E3 IV.iv.78[Prince Edward to Herald] This heaven that covers France contains the mercy / That draws from me submissive orisons
H5 II.ii.53[King Henry to Cambridge, Scroop, and Grey, of an offender] your too much love and care of me / Are heavy orisons 'gainst this poor wretch!
Ham III.i.89[Hamlet to Ophelia] in thy orisons / Be all my sins remembered
RJ IV.iii.3[Juliet to Nurse] I have need of many orisons / To move the heavens to smile upon my state

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