naughty (adj.) Old form(s): naughtie
wicked, evil, vile
1H4 II.iv.420[Falstaff (as King) to Prince Hal] thou naughty varlet
2H6 II.i.162[Buckingham to King] A sort of naughty persons ... / Have practised dangerously against your state
H8 V.i.138[King Henry to Cranmer, of Jesus] whiles here He lived / Upon this naughty earth
JC I.i.15[Flavius to Cobbler] Thou naughty knave
KL III.vii.37.2[Gloucester to Regan] Naughty lady
MA IV.ii.70[Dogberry to Conrade] Thou naughty varlet!
MA V.i.284[Leonato to Don Pedro, of Borachio] This naughty man / Shall face to face be brought to Margaret
MM II.i.74[Elbow to Escalus, of Mistress Overdone's house] it is a naughty house
MV III.ii.18[Portia to Bassanio] these naughty times / Puts bars between the owners and their rights
MV III.iii.9[Shylock to Gaoler] Thou naughty gaoler
MV V.i.91[Portia to Nerissa, of a candle flame] So shines a good deed in a naughty world

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