number (n.)
(plural) verses, lines
Ham II.ii.119[Polonius reading Hamlet's letter to Ophelia] I am ill at these numbers
LLL IV.ii.121[Holofernes to Nathaniel, of Berowne's letter to Rosaline] Here are only numbers ratified
LLL IV.iii.298[Berowne to all] when would you ... / In leaden contemplation have found out / Such fiery numbers
LLL IV.iii.55[Longaville to himself, of his verses] These numbers will I tear, and write in prose
LLL V.ii.35[Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne's verses] The numbers true
Sonn.100.6[] Return, forgetful Muse, and straight redeem / In gentle numbers time so idly spent
Sonn.17.6[] If I could ... in fresh numbers number all your graces
Sonn.38.12[of a poet calling on the lady] let him bring forth / Eternal numbers to outlive long date
Sonn.79.3[] now my gracious numbers are decayed
TC III.ii.181.1[Troilus to Cressida] 'As true as Troilus' shall crown up the verse, / And sanctify the numbers