name (n.)
reputation, fame, renown
2H4 II.iv.73[Hostess to Doll] I am in good name and fame with the very best
2H4 II.iv.88[Hostess to Falstaff, of Tisick] said he, 'you are in an ill name'
E3 IV.iv.69[Herald to Prince Edward] If thou call forth a hundred men of name
Ham IV.iv.19[Captain to Hamlet] a little patch of ground / That hath in it no profit but the name
Ham V.ii.338[Hamlet to Horatio] what a wounded name
KL I.iv.263[Lear to Gonerill, of his men] in the most exact regard support / The worships of their name
MA I.i.7[Messenger to Leonato, of those lost in the battle] But few of any sort, and none of name
MM I.ii.170[Claudio to Lucio, of Angelo's decision] 'Tis surely for a name
Per[Marina to Boult] For what thou professest, a baboon ... / Would own a name too dear
Tit II.iii.183[Lavinia to and of Tamora] The blot and enemy to our general name
TNK II.iv.26[Arcite to Theseus, explaining his presence at court] To purchase name, and do my ablest service
TNK[Emilia to Theseus, of Palamon and Arcite] how their lives / Might breed the ruin of my name, opinion
TNK V.iii.27[Emilia to Theseus, of darkness] get herself / Some part of a good name