advertise, advertize (v.) Old form(s): aduertis'd , aduertise, aduertised, aduertiz'd, advertis'd
make aware, inform, notify; warn
2H6 IV.ix.23[Messenger to King] Please it your grace to be advertised
3H6 II.i.115[Warwick to Edward and Richard, of the Queen] by my scouts I was advertised / That she was coming
3H6 IV.v.9[Richard to Hastings and Stanley, of Edward] I have advertised him by secret means
3H6 V.iii.18[Edward to all, of the enemy] We are advertised ... / That they do hold their course toward Tewkesbury
H8 II.iv.178[King Henry to all, of the Bishop of Bayonne] Wherein he might the King his lord advertise / Whether our daughter were legitimate
R3 IV.iv.499[First Messenger to King Richard] I by friends am well advertised
TC II.ii.212[Hector to all, of the Greeks] I was advertised their great general slept, / Whilst emulation in the army crept
TNK III.i.58[Arcite to Palamon] you have been well advertised / How much I dare