bloody (adj.) Old form(s): bloodie , blouddy , bloudie, bloudy
blood-thirsty, warlike, ferocious
2H4 IV.i.34[Westmorland to Archbishop, of rebellion] Led on by bloody youth, guarded with rage
H5 II.iv.51[French King to all, of King Henry] he is bred out of that bloody strain / That haunted us
H5 III.iii.12[King Henry to citizens of Harfleur] the fleshed soldier ... / In liberty of bloody hand shall range
H5 III.iii.34[King Henry to citizens of Harfleur] look to see / The blind and bloody soldier
Mac IV.i.78[Second Apparition to Macbeth] Be bloody, bold, and resolute
MV III.iii.34[Antonio to Solanio, of Shylock] my bloody creditor
Sonn.129.3[of lust] perjured, murd'rous, bloody, full of blame
TC V.iii.8[Andromache to Cassandra, of Hector] armed, and bloody in intent
Tem IV.i.220[Stephano to Caliban] I do begin to have bloody thoughts
TN III.iv.218[Sir Toby to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] full of despite, bloody as the hunter, attends thee at the orchard end
TN III.iv.260[Fabian to Viola as Cesario, of Sir Andrew] He is ... the most skilful, bloody, and fatal opposite that you could possibly have found in any part of Illyria
TN V.i.68[Orsino to Antonio] What foolish boldness brought thee to their mercies / Whom thou, in terms so bloody and so dear, / Hast made thine enemies?