breath (n.)
utterance, speech, voice
1H6 V.v.7[King to Suffolk, of Margaret] So am I driven by breath of her renown
AW II.i.148[Helena to King] Inspired merit so by breath is barred
H5 IV.i.227[King Henry alone, of being king] subject to the breath / Of every fool
KJ III.i.148[King John to Cardinal Pandulph] What earthy name to interrogatories / Can task the free breath of a sacred king?
KL I.i.60[Gonerill to Lear] A love that makes breath poor and speech unable
LLL I.i.5[King to all, of Time] Th'endeavour of this present breath may buy / That honour which shall bate his scythe's keen edge
LLL V.ii.730[Princess to King, of pardoning the ladies] If over-boldly we have borne ourselves / In the converse of breath
MA V.i.250[Leonato to Borachio, of Hero] Art thou the slave that with thy breath hast killed / Mine innocent child?
Mac V.iii.27[Macbeth to himself, of what will come his way] mouth-honour, breath / Which the poor heart would fain deny and dare not [i.e. voices of allegiance]
MND III.ii.44[Demetrius to Hermia] why rebuke you him that loves you so? / Lay breath so bitter on your bitter foe
MV I.iii.121[Shylock to Antonio] in a bondman's key, / With bated breath and whispering humbleness
MV II.ix.90[Messenger to Portia, of Bassanio's messenger] he bringeth ... besides commends and courteous breath, / Gifts of rich value
RJ[Romeo to Juliet] sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air
TC I.iii.244[Aeneas to Agamemnon] what the repining enemy commends, / That breath fame blows
TC II.ii.75[Troilus to all, of Paris] Your breath of full consent bellied his sails
TC IV.i.74[Diomedes to Paris, of Helen] She hath not given so many good words breath
TC IV.v.103[Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Troilus] he ... dignifies [not] an impair thought with breath
Tem epilogue.11[Prospero alone] Gentle breath of yours my sails / Must fill
Tem V.i.157[Prospero to Alonso, of the lords] they ... scarce think ... their words / Are natural breath
Tim IV.iii.141[Timon to Phrynia and Timandra] he whose pious breath seeks to convert you