meat (n.) Old form(s): Meate
food, nourishment
2H6 IV.x.37[Cade to Iden] I have eat no meat these five days
Cym III.vii.22[disguised Innogen to all] Here's money for my meat
JC I.ii.148[Cassius to Brutus] Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed, / That he is grown so great?
MW I.iv.95[Mistress Quickly aside to Simple, of Caius] I keep his house; and I ... dress meat
R2 II.i.76[John of Gaunt to King Richard] who abstains from meat that is not gaunt?
R2 V.v.95.1[stage direction] Enter Keeper to Richard with meat
RJ III.i.22[Mercutio to Benvolio] Thy head is as full of quarrels as an egg is full of meat
Tim I.ii.36[Timon to Apemantus] let my meat make thee silent
Tim I.ii.77[Alcibiades to Timon, of a breakfast of enemies] There's no meat like 'em
Tim III.i.57[Flaminius alone, of Lucullus] This slave ... has my lord's meat in him
Tim III.iv.51[Flavius to Lucius's Servant and Titus, of Timon] Why then preferred you not your sums and bills / When your false masters eat of my lord's meat?
Tim[Timon to Lords] Make not a City feast of it, to let the meat cool ere we can agree upon the first place
Tim IV.iii.297[Apemantus to Timon, of eating] Where my stomach finds meat
Tim IV.iii.418[Timon to Bandits] Your greatest want is, you want much of meat
Tim IV.iii.481[Timon to Flavius, of his servants] All I kept were knaves, to serve in meat to villains
TNK V.ii.95[Gaoler's Daughter to Gaoler, of the Wooer she thinks of as Palamon] Alas, poor chicken, / He was kept down with hard meat and ill lodging
TS IV.iii.9[Katherina to Grumio] I ... / Am starved for meat

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