minister (n.)
messenger, agent, servant
1H6 V.iv.93[Richard as if to Pucelle] Thou foul accursed minister of hell!
2H6 III.i.355[York alone, of creating rebellion] for a minister of my intent
2H6 V.ii.34[Young Clifford to himself] O war... / Whom angry heavens do make their minister
AC[Caesar to Octavia] the high gods ... makes his ministers / Of us
AC V.ii.4[Cleopatra to all, of Caesar] he's but Fortune's knave, / A minister of her will
Cym V.iii.72[Posthumus alone, of death] hath moe ministers than we / That draw his knives i'th' war
H8 I.i.108[Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey] What his high hatred would effect wants not / A minister in his power
Ham I.iv.39[Hamlet to himself, on seeing the Ghost] Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
KL III.ii.21[Lear to the storm] yet I call you servile ministers
Mac I.v.46[Lady Macbeth alone] take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers [i.e. agents of murder]
Mac[Malcolm to all, of Macbeth] the cruel ministers / Of this dead butcher
MM V.i.115[Isabella as if to the heavens] O you blessed ministers above
MW IV.ii.206[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of Falstaff] If ... the poor unvirtuous fat knight shall be any further afflicted, we two will still be the ministers
Oth V.ii.8[Othello to himself, of the light] If I quench thee, thou flaming minister, / I can again thy former light restore
R3 I.iv.223[First Murderer to Clarence] Who made thee ... a bloody minister / When gallant-springing brave Plantagenet ... was struck dead by thee?
Tem I.ii.131[Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio's plan] The ministers for th'purpose hurried thence / Me and thy crying self
Tem I.ii.275[Prospero to Ariel, of Sycorax] she did confine thee, / By help of her more potent ministers
Tem III.iii.62[Ariel to Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio] I and my fellows / Are ministers of Fate
Tem III.iii.88[Prospero to Ariel] with good life / And observation strange, my meaner ministers / Their several kinds have done
Tim II.ii.136[Timon to Flavius] that unaptness [was] made your minister / Thus to excuse yourself [or: prompt]