measure (n.)
extent, size, amount, quantity, mass
3H6 II.i.105[Warwick to Edward and Richard] to add more measure to your woes
3H6 III.iii.120[Lewis to Warwick, of Edward] Tell me for truth the measure of his love / Unto our sister
AC III.iv.8[Antony to Octavia, of Caesar paying him terms of honour] most narrow measure lent me
AYL V.iv.172[Duke Senior to all, of his followers] Shall share the good ... / According to the measure of their states
Cor V.i.47[Sicinius to Menenius] your good will / Must have that thanks from Rome after the measure / As you intended well [i.e. to the extent that you meant well]
Cor V.iii.10[Coriolanus to Aufidius, of Menenius] This last old man ... / Loved me above the measure of a father
H5 V.ii.136[King Henry to Katherine, of dance] I have no strength in measure, yet a reasonable measure in strength [second instance]
JC III.i.150[Antony to dead Caesar] Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils / Shrunk to this little measure?
KJ II.i.556[King John to King Philip, of Constance] I trust we shall, / If not fill up the measure of her will, / Yet in some measure satisfy her
LLL V.ii.222[masked King to masked Rosaline, of holding hands] More measure of this measure! [first instance]
Oth IV.iii.72[Emilia to Desdemona, of infidelity] I would not do such a thing for ... measures of lawn