all is one; that's / it's all one
it makes no difference, it's one and the same, it doesn't matter
AW IV.iii.137[Bertram to Lords, of Parolles] All's one to him
MA V.i.49[Leonato to Don Pedro] Are you so hasty now? Well, all is one
Oth IV.iii.22[Desdemona to Emilia, who has laid the sheets on the bed] All's one
TC I.i.79[Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida] I care not an she were a blackamoor; 'tis all one to me
TN I.v.124[Sir Toby to himself] Well, it's all one
TNK II.ii.31[First Countryman to others, of his wife's jealousy] But that's all one, I'll go through
TNK V.ii.15[Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] That's all one, if ye make a noise [i.e. as long as you say something]
TNK V.ii.30[Doctor to Wooer] that's all one, 'tis nothing to our purpose
TNK V.ii.83.1[Wooer to Gaoler's Daughter] That's all one; I will have you